Monday, July 14, 2014

Fauxdori ♥

I want to introduce you to my new "Fauxdori" journal! 
A Fauxdori is the faux version of a Midori Traveler's Notebook, which is a very popular journal. They have a leather cover, and have notebook inserts held in by elastic. 
If you're interested in knowing more about the Midori Notebook, I would definitely recommend checking out YouTube. There are tons of videos on there showing peoples' notebooks, how they use them, and even how to make your own!

The main reason that I decided to buy a Fauxdori (as opposed to the real Midori) was the price. I wasn't willing to pay the $60-70 (I'm not exactly sure of the cost, but I know it was somewhere in that range) for something I wasn't even sure I would like or if it would work for me. 
My Fauxdori costed about $25, and came with 3 notebooks. I think that is an awesome deal! It took about 3 weeks to arrive but that's okay with me. 
Many people now make their own version of this notebook. You can find most on Etsy for a great deal. They also come in lots of different colours, styles and sizes which is really nice if you aren't a fan of the black and brown colours that Midori offer.

See this pic on my Instagram, HERE.

I love notebooks. I always have. I love keeping notes and writing things. So I have always had a lot of notebooks. I really like that with the Midori/Fauxdori, you can add in and remove things. The Midori/Fauxdori holds a few notebooks within it. I have 2 in mine at the moment and am finding that it is pretty chunky so I don't know how people go about getting 4 or 5 notebooks in theirs!

I have wanted to start a journal (not a Dear Diary type of thing, lol!) of some sort for a while now and I think my Fauxdori will be perfect for it.
I'm still not 100% sure what I'd like to use my Fauxdori for, but I'm thinking one of the notebooks inside might be a prayer/bible study journal perhaps, and the other I will just use for general journaling. Maybe I'll try some art journaling.
Midori Traveler's Notebooks are mostly used for journaling purposes (travel journaling specifically), but they can also be used as a regular journal, or even a planner. I really highly doubt I would ever use this as a planner but it's a cool idea!

I've also added a charm to my Fauxdori! :) I've seen some really cute charms that people have on Instagram. I just decided to use one I had on hand. 
I also decided to use some elastic that I had of my own to make the closure loop, instead of the elastic that they sent with it. I thought that the elastic they had was a little too thick and tough. (You can see the original elastic in the first photo.)

I also made myself a cover, with a pocket inside for one of the notebooks. All I did was cut a piece of scrapbook card, and put it around the individual notebook through the elastic.
To make the pocket, I washi-taped a piece of scrapbook paper on the back of the scrapbook card. Super easy and only took me a few minutes to do. I will probably keep some stickers in there.

If you have a Midori/Fauxdori/similar notebook/journal, please let me know. I would love to know what you use yours for and how you like it. :) I'm still very new to this!

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